You understood the title of this post, of course…

Are you there yet? One more:

No, it’s not just two guys…

…although it can be and often is…

I confess that I did not know that word either. It showed up in the newspaper, in a quiz. The options were (a) male bonding; (b) twinned and (c) cinema design. And so, on the basis of the evidence presented so far, it has to be MALE BONDING.

So, here I am. Gay and living since 2001 with another man. That’s clearly bonding. But straights do it too, and often! Sports teams, gym buddies, drinking pals in the bar, whatever. That special ‘maleness’ thing when guys get together, sharing something they love to do. My books celebrate that… or, at least the first three do.

Gay couples and groups, sports guys training, circus guys touring and having (mis)adventures. Explore by clicking on the covers. The NEW book, however, is all about the DENIAL of male bonding – a gay guy wrenched away from his chosen partner and spending the whole book trying to find his love again, while his former young lover is trying to do the same thing. A story of how fate intervenes time after time to deny them both what they seek, until…

…until – well, support this blog by buying the book and find out! It’s not expensive and, while the feel of an actual paper book in your hands is very desirable, an e-version is available if you want. Again, click on the cover!

And now, a little more adelphopoiesis! First of all, workout over!

Mid workout  (love that steely look of determination on the right!)…

…mid modelling session:

Wrestlers chilling…

Maybe pre-wrestle chilling!

Whichever way you want…! And there are times, and places, just made for adelphopoiesis…

Meanwhile, back in the gym, a really special type of male bonding takes place. Shared goals, mutual encouragement, that very strong scent of muscles being pushed to their limits…

Other things are possible between suitably bonded males, especially when there is a special element of trust

So find that partner – or partners – and share the experience!

Even when the going gets tough…

…the tough get bonding!




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3 Responses to Adelphopoiesis

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Adelphopoiesis, according to Wikipedia, is a ritual uniting two men in religious brotherhood. It has a long, archaic tradition in Christianity. It is no longer a popular theme of Christianity, but has been used as the justification for same sex unions. It’s interesting, though, to see this practiced within a marriage. While the husband usually sees no threat in his female partner spending time with her girlfriends (indeed, she frequently insists it is necessary and proper.), that same woman oftentimes gets angry and resentful when her partner engages in the same conduct with men. In my experience, she often sees male bonding as sexual while she sees no such connotation in female bonding. Go figure.

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