Drizzly Interlude

After weeks of endless sun here in the Eastern Algarve, the clouds have finally arrived and it was very drizzly this morning, as well as quite windy with the clouds being driven inland from the coast. I think we have become so accustomed to the wall-to-wall sunshine and brilliant temperatures here that this has come as a slight shock! However, it is still warm enough to be shirtless if you do happen to want to get wet, and the pools here have still been doing brisk business.

Bus transfers to the beach less so since sitting on the sand in even just a little rain isn’t entirely an attractive option! Unlike this scene, there are no trees to provide any shelter during showers either!

And, while outdoor gym would be nice…

..our customers this morning were much more inclined that usual to use just the indoor equipment!

With our very close (and gay) friends Zach and Gary here with us and working alongside us (as well as working out alongside us!), it’s a case of ‘never mind the weather!’ None of us needs to be asked twice in our private time to ‘snuggle up close’ – all of us are ‘clean’ in the Tuan Jie sense and can enjoy one another with appropriate intimacy. After more than two months with only Dave and I here, we understandably have a lot of catching up to do with our mates. And that’s not just comparing our fitness levels…

…but taking every possible excuse to get up close and personal…

…every which way…

It is of course, entirely permissible for groups of guys to get together without any suggestion of sexual attraction – as discussed in the previous post (and see the insightful comment thereon from Platinumboy) – like these fighters:

…or like these guys, wearing gloves not for fighting but because they are in a cryochamber!

Some way to go in Portugal before we get this, I think…

Exceedingly unlikely!

Now, if the weather where you are doesn’t tempt you outside, then maybe you could do with something good to read (click on the covers for links):

The fourth book is just published and is a stand-alone novel about a lonely Native American Gay Guy deeply troubled by his gay tendencies. If I have been successful, you might even shed a tear or two. If not, I’ll cry instead, providing the means for a further ‘drizzle’ of great-looking fit boys…

…oh, a small confession first. In our private time and in a private place, the four of us have been very up close and comfortable, even ‘drizzling’ a little on each other and then enjoying a foot massage. There’s none of that stuff in Let The Future Find Me, but you might find references to how we (then younger) gay boys used to entertain each other in the first three.

Just sayin’. And now the remaining boys…



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