Time on Our Hands

As so often the case, a post title with a double meaning! For the pictures, at least for the start, you can take it literally.

Last night we had ‘time on our hands’ when we had to cancel the planned show here at the vacation centre. After nearly five months, it finally RAINED. Proper rain, not just a misty drizzle off the sea. And since our auditorium is open-air (as far as the audience is concerned), we had to cancel. I guess that an open-air theatre in this climate is quite a reasonable idea for much of the year, given that this is the first ever cancellation!

Not that it was cold. The temperatures here are holding up well. So Dave and I, along with our dear friends Zach and Gary, took to our roof terrace to wrestle in the rain, slipping and sliding around on our mats. The roof area does have lighting, which we hardly ever have used – there’s enough reflected light to see by. In fact, a very pleasant space on any autumnal evening and, as we said to ourselves, ‘never mind the weather!’

So there we were. Wrestle – some (inevitable within our group) gay ‘fun’, then repair to the sauna for a time which we had to ourselves. And then, because we can and instead of the plunge pool, back in the rain naked for a run around the circuit on the ‘clothes optional’ part of the campus!

Fun, fun. Anyone might wonder why four ‘middle-aged’ men indulge in these things, but sometimes we still think of ourselves as teenagers! Oh well.

Here’s another way of passing the time if you have ‘time on your hands’…

The publisher has classified it as ‘gay romance’. I wasn’t sure what to call it really… but I do think it to be a good yarn about a lonely gay boy troubled – seriously troubled – by his sexuality and in pursuit (or possibly fleeing from) his one gay partner. Click on the clover and support  this blog through getting yourselves a good read. Your time will be well spent and will pass quickly enough!

So, a nice collection of gymnasts and acrobats spending ‘time on their hands’ in various ways. Hope you like. A little endurance test to finish!


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