Been Going Soft?


Our  long term friends Zach and Gary, working here with us in the Algarve for a while, have jokingly accused us (that’s Dave and I) of ‘going soft on your training’. That’s absolutely not true (we have to maintain fitness and skills for our show appearances)… but we certainly haven’t indulged in the rather intense gym sessions that we used to share with them back in Tennessee.

No show to do on a Saturday evening, so the four of us decided to set to in the near empty gym. Zach and I worked together on bench presses for half an hour while Dave and Gary did assorted cable pull-downs (narrow grip, wide grip and ‘behind neck’). This means ‘non-stop – as soon as one has done their set they jump out and ‘spot’ for the partner. On bench press we racked up the weights to our maximum over ten minutes or so, kept that up for a bit, then would it down over the final ten minutes as our strength started to ebb. Unsurprising that the bench had a pool of our sweat on it and that we were ‘glistening’ and pretty much ‘worked out’ by then.

Like him – except that we weren’t wearing shorts or tops! Obviously.

After that, it was a question of  switching to the shoulder/arm work on the cable pull-downs while Dave and Gary took over on bench presses. Upper bodies pretty much ‘wrecked’ by the end of the hour, and so time for the sauna, we decided. It’s normally closed at that time of night, but we have staff passes and the option to use facilities as we wish.

And we didn’t need underwear either. We’re using the ‘clothes-optional’ half of site, after all!

After that, a few lengths of the pool in a very slight drizzle to better relax the tired muscles. Showers, a bit of mutual massage, back to Zach and Gary’s apartment for a glass of wine to fully relax… and then, because we are four loving gay friends who have been together for years and sharing one another with perfect trust and safety in such matters, on to their bed…

It may not seem like it, but we are actually here to work! Managing two gym areas (both  of which have indoor and outdoor areas and one has an extended ‘tented’ addition containing a boxing ring (mainly for the Russians) and mats where oil wrestling and such other activities can be indulged. Plus assisting any guests with their personal training, entertaining the younger kids with basic gymnastics and acrobatics, massage (Zach) and performing acrobatics, tumbling and fakir stuff on certain evenings. And having huge fun doing it all, especially since our two friends joined us.

It has been an amazing summer here weather-wise – and generally without the curse of high humidity and occasional tornados with which Tennessee was blessed. We miss our two kids and the rest of our friends, but we have the possibility to get together at Christmas – we shall see. And it is still to be wall-to-wall sunshine for the next seven days at least, although maximum temperatures are now down to 22C (72F) – still pretty OK for working and spending most of our free time shirtless. As we love to do.

So, our basic message is – young or old, it’s never too late to start thinking hard about your fitness! Find a friend or two, encourage one another, find a gym, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice and help, especially if you can’t figure out to use the machines. A personal trainer will go you a programme which is safe for your age and fitness level and ambitions, and anyone in the gym will always be willing to offer advice if you ask for it. No-one is ever going to say “this isn’t for you – get lost!” Give it a go…

Some more encouragement:

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