Crimean War #2?

This is meant to be what it’s all about, right? … … …

…coming to our vacation complex either to get fit or to soak up the sun, or a mixture of both? So far, that has been what the guests have certainly been keen to do. Swim… beach or pool… eat the food, make friends and be happy…

…until yesterday! I’ve mention that this venue is target on Russia, eastern Europe and Scandinavia as a result of those who have invested in it. And so, in our gym on Sunday, there were a couple of lads from Russia. As it turned out, from the Russian army and on leave. Russian lads tend to be pretty fit, and I’ve often featured them here enjoying their bar workouts…

Our local staffer Alfredo was ‘on duty’ in the gym in case anyone wanted help or advice. Dave and I were off duty and preparing a meal for the four of us (that’s with Zach and Gary) for later in the day. And enjoying a glass of wine while we did it. Gary was teaching some very basic kung fu moves to some kids out in the grounds somewhere, and Zach was massaging a large gentleman who had clearly been over-eating bigtime.

And then the radios went off ballistic, summoning all available staff plus security to the gym, where all is normally peace, quiet music if Alf remembered to switch it on, gentle conversation between gasps of effort, and general harmony.

It seems that two other guys overheard the two Russians talking in their own language, and understood that they were discussing their part in the invasion of the Crimean Peninsula. Alfredo, of course, hadn’t a clue what they were speaking about. Two other guys, however, we thought to be from Poland, overheard and did understand. And one of the ”Poles happened to have been born in the eastern part of Ukraine where the current Russian-inspired civil war is going on. And therefore not at all happy about Russia having invaded and annexed part of his homeland.

Apparently, they dropped their weights and the mother and father of all fights broke out. By the time we arrived on the scene, all four had been restrained by security and some other visitors along with our staffers. Blooded faces, some damage to our equipment, and all four still screaming abuse at one another. The local police had to be involved, which is something we should all have preferred not to happen, but these four were clearly out of anyone’s control.

All four spent a night in the cells in Faro, as we understand the situation. The Russians will be allowed back in under escort to pack their bags when they are released, while the Poles (after a lot of discussion) were considered by ‘management’ to have been provoked and will be allowed to continue their vacation – and that’s a heavily Russian-backed management, by the way. Obviously we’ve had some staff meetings, but the management are canny enough to understand the political situation in Crimea as viewed from western Europe and wanted to be seen to do the right thing.

So, not the publicity we would have liked – ‘blues and two’s’ roaring up to the gates – but the law seem to think that we all did the right thing. Alfredo had to go and give a statement at the Police Station this morning, along with some of the others first on the scene: we’ve been clearing up and reassuring any other gym users who heard about the commotion that all is well. And fixing the broken cable pulls which one of the Russian tried to twist around a Pole’s neck. Yeucch!

You know – it would make a good story. Something to follow the newly-released book? Actually, I’ve already started a different fifth book, so maybe I’ll be able to involve the 2016-2017 Crimea troubles in it. Who knows? And in the meantime, feel free – no, feel positively driven – to buy a copy of Let The Future Find Me! Clicking on the cover will lead straight to a page where you can buy direct from the Publisher, which will help to support this blog. And don’t forget there are three earlier books which are much more about gay relationships, fitness, circus performance and adventure. Go explore: their covers will be found at the end of this post (because WordPress is behaving oddly today, they are also in reverse order so the first one is on the right (Loving the Boy)).

OK. More fitness pictures, and no fighting:

Just four more to go…

And for a finale… something a little more acrobatic…

Still with us? Excellent. Then you probably like what we like… and so, especially if you are gay-friendly, you will probably like the three earlier books (shown here in reverse order because WordPress is being weird today) – our discovery of gay love, a love of gym and acrobatics, touring with the circus, having adventures… clicking on these covers leads you to their publisher (a different one from Let The Future Find Me) for purchase. And there are e-versions of all four out there, on Amazon and all the usual places. Enjoy, and see you again soon!

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