YouTube Teaser

Try this link… (which I have now corrected I hope – must have one too many glasses of red wine!! – note added 13/11/17)

Quite neat, huh? Pity that the first half is a bit fuzzy, especially when the writing appears on screen word by word. Don’t blame me – the publisher did it. And if it leads to some sales of the new book…

…so much the better!

And now, since no other news of importance, just some entertainment relating to you fit guys! Starting with a possible solution if you misplace your dumbbells. Enjoy.

Thanks to Pavl Rycl for that one…

Some youngsters who plan to be fit…

…and some who clearly already are:

Wet boys are somehow special! Here’s another:

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2 Responses to YouTube Teaser

  1. FRÉDÉRIC says:

    Hello, Boy !

    Your link is not available, I think…

    But (Butt ???…), your pics are always beautiful !

    Lot of KISSES, My Friend !

    FRÉDÉRIC (Of France)

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