Shirt Story…

…illustrated (naturally!) with shirtless guys!

Since taking up this job in the eastern Algarve full time in mid-July, we have been fortunate in almost never needing to wear a shirt, since we are ‘supervising’ a clientele who are encouraged to enjoy their fitness/leisure/lazing in their own minimalist clothing and, in much of the site, au naturel – as in ‘naked’. Sun-worshippers all, there is little need for them to ‘dress up’ to partake of our gyms, and indeed much of the equipment is outdoors anyway during the summer.

Mid-November now, and the nights have been drawing in (as they say) for many weeks now. And, finally, the temperatures here, held up by almost wall-to-wall sunshine, are noticeably cooler. That’s not to say ‘cold’ (as in British November, for example), since it is still sunny almost every daytime and that holds things up to around 19C (66F)) – quite warm enough for those from the northern climes (like us!) to continue sunbathing comfortably. But nights now are cooling to around 10C (50F) and that’s definitely a little cool for sleeping ‘under the stars’ and certainly cool enough not to be sleeping on the roof terrace uncovered, as were able to do in high summer.

To be fair, temperatures are about the same in Oak Ridge TN where we’ve been living for years. But there, as in UK, temperatures will dive towards freezing later whereas here – and this is why many Brits have chosen to come down here when they retire – they’ll pretty much hold up.

Sea temperature will pretty much hold up too, and swimming is still very much on everyone’s agenda. We’re pretty hardy when it comes to swimming, actually, having enjoyed an arm of the Clinch River (TN) year round. We have even been known to swim under ice once or twice, although perhaps not so dramatically as this guy…

…definitely prefer the ‘kiss’ of the sun on our backs…

The longer dark evenings, except when partly occupied by our evening shows, will give me more time to think about my next book – inspired, of course, to tell the tale of another boy on another ‘quest’ by the thought of y’all buying copies of Let The Future Find Me to give as presents to all your friends! And while this story is about a young gay boy at war with his sexuality, it absolutely does NOT have explicitly gay scenes and should be a good read for any of your straight friends too. So make me happy and get down to your local bookshop right now and enjoy some SQUIRT…

…AHA – did I catch you out there? Yes, ‘go squirt’ is the message!

Meanwhile, I’ll try and make you happy with some more pictures of fit shirtless guys!

One wet boy deserves another…

Finally, one token vest (to justify the post title maybe) – but happily the guy takes it off and goes outside!




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