Cooler Evenings

Whilst folks are still spending their days outside in our apparently infallible sunshine here in the eastern Algarve – frequently shirtless like these two guys…

…it is noticeable that when darkness falls (about 6pm currently) and the temperature drops, the shirts (and more!) are back on and folks are disappearing indoors. And reluctant to come and sit in the somewhat cool open-air auditorium for ‘shows’. As performers, we are under a roof and under the slightly warming lights, but appearing near-naked for fakir and acrobatic stuff when it is down to 10C (50F) is starting to feel a little challenging even for us. We do, of course, warm up offstage and get a bit sweaty working anyway, but even so… brrrr!

We’ve also noticed that clientele has changed with the season. It’s currently older couples rather than young groups or families… and the older generation are less interested in what we do and seem to prefer music, comedy and dancing, so we’ve actually written ourselves out of most shows altogether at the moment. It’s all part of the learning curve that show promoters (which we seemingly are) need to follow! I doubt that the auditorium in its present form (audience open to the weather, terraced concrete seating) will find much use during the winter months even though this place will be open more or less continuously. Comparisons with similar facilities in other places confirm the trend. So more focus for us on the gym facilities which are mainly indoor, especially in the evenings: the pools here, although outdoor, are going to be modestly heated from Monday, and the heat-retaining covers for night-time have arrived – so no midnight swims for us staff unless we slope off down to the beach in the moonlight!

OK, that’s a daytime sea, and rougher than normal, even though this is the Atlantic ocean here – some correspondents seem to think that the Algarve is in the Med, but they’re wrong. According to today’s weather charts, we are the warmest place in Europe though, which is, as you might say, ‘kewl’.

We’re spending two evenings a week ‘supervising’ Alfredo and Seb’s “fight-club” friends in our wrestling and boxing area (aka the perma-tent extension to the gym!) where it remains warm enough for them both to work out hard and fight hard in a sort of weird mix of boxing, MMA and wrestling. Other nights they go down to the dunes, light a couple of fires and fight in the dark in the sand, cheered on by their girlfriends who also occasionally join them in our gym. We thought that this “fight club” was just a local thing in the nearest village, but no – apparently it is quite a male youth cult along the coast and we understand that a couple of carloads of Spaniards are coming over the divide (just a motorway bridge in fact!) for a ‘friendly’ match with their Portuguese ‘aficionados’ next week. We’re invited (possibly to participate as well) – could be interesting – although we’re more used to this

..than getting bare knuckles in our faces. So maybe we’ll just watch with the girls and offer ‘helpful’ advice!

Assuming most of you are northern hemisphere readers here, another way to pass the dark evenings indoors is to read a good book. If you can’t find a good one, here’s another option!

My latest modest effort tells the tale of an outcast Native American boy in search of – well, he’s not sure what to start with, being more troubled by his sexuality. His struggles to come to terms with that and to be re-united with the love of his life might evening bring a tear to your eye. Just to set the record straight, the only ‘sex scene’ which is described in any detail in this book is heterosexual, but the boy is gay… I’m hopeful that it will be an interesting read for either sexual orientation, and Christmas is coming… cheap present solution? There are three earlier books, much more about our own earlier lives embellished with a few (mis) adventures and you’ll find their clickable covers at the bottom of this post, just in case…

But now, boys looking after their bodies, as entertainment and inspiration for the majority of readers here. Enjoy.

To end for today, why not play in the middle of the road when a trolleybus could come up behind you at any minute – if the traffic policeman in the background didn’t give you a blast first?


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