Foreign Bodies (Assorted)

‘Foreign Bodies’ is what we’re about these days. Mainly Eastern European, Russian and Scandinavian ‘bodies’, brought here by their owners for rest and physical recreation plus a dose of the sun which is so much rarer further north! Top up their Vitamin D for starters. Most come here with good intentions – improve their fitness or continue their existing training regimes in our much better climate, use our gyms and personal training options, indulge in some recreation gymnastics or acrobatics or even some wrestling/boxing if they want. Not to mention chilling by the pools or on the nearby beach! Clothes optional on campus in some areas or at some times. A great vacation for all – couples of any sexual persuasion and families too when the kids are not supposed to be in school (and sometimes when they are!).

But then you probably knew all that already – certainly if you have read any recent posts here! But my title was inspired by two other thoughts of ‘foreign bodies’. For a start, I have one in my left heel. ‘Too much playing around on broken glass’ I hear you say. Actually, walking around (and more) on broken glass is part of our second job here (entertainment), but that’s not what happened. In fact, whatever noxious nasty is embedded in my foot, I think I got it while walking around barefoot in the apartment (we do, to be fair, walk around barefoot here most of the time). But it is deep. Soaking my foot in a bowl of hot water on a regular basis seems to have done very little. Dave tried sucking on it, like you are told in ‘Scouting for Boys’ for snake bites! No joy. Our friend Zach (masseur here for a while) tried massaging it. No joy there either… just some evil-looking gunge came out of an obvious hole, but whatever is in there intends to cling on. So this afternoon I’m off to our on-site clinic where a Portuguese nurse can have a dig around. I hope she’s gentle with me (!) but it hurts a lot from a time to time so a little short-term pain probably is worth the gain (as we say to all our weight trainers anyway!).

And, on the subject of pain, a third (if slightly contrived) reference to Foreign Bodies. Zach’s partner Gary returns to USA tomorrow, leaving Faro airport this evening and overnighting in London. He’s decided that he can’t junk is banking job for the time being but, and probably more importantly, he has a martial arts matter to attend to. His is a high-ranking kung-fu exponent, having trained for more than 20 years with some of the best in Tennessee which includes Chinese immigrants with a long family tradition in the art, from whom he has learn a great deal (and passed some of it on to us, with their blessing, but we’re no way in Gary’s league). Gary can balance on his stomach on one spear point, bend sharp-pointed spears and iron bars on his throat, get run over (without ramps) across his chest or abdomen, and have concrete blocks smashed on all parts of his body including (occasionally) his head. Plus all the obvious stuff like being sandwiched between beds of nails and glass with four or five others on top. He has an amazing steel-like musculature and has been chosen, along with two Chinese friends from Knoxville, to attend a special ‘ultra-tough’ camp in Canada early in January which will be run by Chinese masters (the other ‘Foreign Bodies’!) intent on instilling in them the ability to withstand even tougher aggression against the human body. I think a lot of cold-temperature work is forecast, too. Gary seems very keen and has Zach’s support, of course. Zach will stay here until just before Christmas.

So, plenty going on, as usual, and plenty of fine muscled young men coming up to entertain you.

And, in between, some book adverts. Starting with my latest, a novel about a lonesome young guy at odds with his own sexuality.

…just published, and considered to be a good read by those that have already.

The first one: about Dave and I discovering one another and our shared interests…

The epic continues, and Dave and I decide to become fathers…

A ‘finale’ to the first two: more adventure here (and it’s shorter!)…


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