Let’s Apricate!

We’ve learned a new word – thanks to a non-English speaker using a dictionary. It’s what a lot of our ‘guests’ here come for, even at this time of year – sunbathing! Zach was massaging this quite large lady yesterday afternoon, with very little intelligible conversation (given the language difficulties) and when she was finished, she stood up and said to him ‘Now I go apricate!’ Not having a clue, of course, Zach was non-commital! Later, we looked it up in the dictionary. And it is what those lads above are doing, of course, alongside whatever else they are doing which I suspect is a street workout on a bar or two.

The are plenty of choices to occupy you during your aprication, of course…

…not to mention your basic sun lounger by the pool!

This gives me the opportunity to remind you that there are two sides to the sunbathing argument. The first is ‘don’t overcook’, especially the fair skinned, since this can lead to premature skin damage. There are options to combat that although not everyone will choose the method beloved of ancient Russian ladies whose complexions have been ‘enhanced’ through the application of their own urine on a regular basis (or, indeed, someone else’s). It has a sound medical basis, since urea, a principal content of fresh urine, is a known benefit to the skin and you will often notice it as an ingredient in expensive cosmetic products. All I will say on our own account is that there are cheaper (indeed, free) sources of urea and that we occasionally choose to wrestle ‘wet’…

…but not always…

The second part of the argument is that rickets is on the increase because modern folks (including much of the youth) have been scared off being in the sun either by media reports or anxious parents, or indeed never venture in it if they can avoid it because they prefer being glued to their screens. It’s caused by Vitamin D deficiency, and it is becoming a significant problem again in the western world after it had been thought to have been eradicated. In our home country (UK), the sun is never strong enough to provide enough UVB radiation to make vitamin D except between April and October. Down here in the Algarve we have a much longer ‘vitamin D season’ – the sun is weaker now (late November if you’re reading this some other time) but the skies are very clear and temperatures are holding up to 19-20C each day as well, so no excuse to cover up.

Aussies have worried most about sun damaging the skin, with their ‘slip, slap, slop’ mantra (relating to hats, tee-shirts and sun cream) and I guess their sun is pretty fierce. UVB is also inhibited by haze in areas of high population as well as cloud – and the current cycle of warming in the north Atlantic (since the mid 90s) has brought about more cloud and wet weather in much of Europe which is also considered to have added to the rickets problem.

Some more ‘sunny’ pictures, then:

That’s a good demonstration of muscle, strength and fun! So is this:

Five happy guys ready to rumble at the outdoor gym:

These divers are obviously catching some rays, too:

So is this next guy, but I think that the UVB intensity may be a little low for him – along with the temperature! Great feeling for a hard workout though:

…while these lads are quite ‘hardy’ too, I think:

When the going gets tough, the tough get going… and a group feeds on mutual encouragement to dip in the icy briny!

Let’s just settle for the summer sun…

…or at least, our late autumn (20C) variety!

…and celebrate the suntan:

Meanwhile, in other news:

(1) Some appreciation of the new book is starting to appear, so let me take this opportunity to promote it again. If the tale of a lonely gay lost soul in search of himself (and his former love) appeals, click on this cover and/or search for

Let The Future Find Me: ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1

(2) With Gary well on the way back to Tennessee, Zach is moving in with us for the rest of his stay here rather than rattle around in an empty apartment. As he’s one of us – Tuan Jie (and readers of the earlier books will know exactly what that means for our evenings and nights) – our cosy twosome…

…will definitely become a threesome much of the time!

OK. A few more ‘gymspiration’ pictures to finish, after the details of the three earlier books just in case:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Happy sailing till next time!



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