Gymnastics Day Out

The one thing that Dave and I are missing since coming here to Portugal is coaching gymnastics. Yesterday, we had a free day, organised one for Zach as well, and the three of us drove into Spain for a day (as spectators) at a gymnastics competition. Understandably, we all felt that we wanted to be in there, doing it (or at least, being one of the attending coaches!). But you can’t have it every which way… the other stuff we are doing here is very rewarding too. So we make do today with (men’s) gymnastics pictures, and hope that you enjoy, starting by continuing that guy’s warmup routine…

…and then his turn on the pommel horse…

…followed by a different strength and flexibility move on the horse…

UK gymnast Nile Wilson has quite a presence on the internet…

A bit of stretching…

Rings time…

And don’t let’s forget the gymnast’s basic exercises…

Nor can we forget the book promotion, since that’s what keeps this blog going – please support by clicking on the covers and getting yourselves some great reading material for the festive season… the first three are about our gay love and our love of gymnastics and acrobatics, circus touring and whatnot, and the fourth new one is about a lonely boy denying his sexuality and trying to find happiness.

And, to finish off on our gymnastics theme, two from Andrey Telitsyn’s gym in Chelyabinsk:



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1 Response to Gymnastics Day Out

  1. ncringo2 says:

    awesome post of gymnast pics. Thanks

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