“…His Personal Hygiene was Limited in its Ambition!”

Today’s Picture Theme: Speedos and Similar

The quote in the title amused us – it is from an obituary in the London newspaper The Times of US climber Fred Beckey who has just died at 94. And it has an unexpected relevance for us, since yesterday we had a ‘management meeting’ to discuss (amongst other stuff) the personal  hygiene of our guests here at the vacation complex… and, particularly, those who choose to follow the offered ‘naturist’ option.

Naturist communities often request – or insist – that a towel is used before one sits on anything. The reason is possibly obvious: even with the best care in the world, and especially if one is a little hairy in that region, ‘traces’ can be left after dealing with a visit to the ‘bathroom’. And the last thing one wants on, say, a bench in the weight room is to find ‘skidmarks’ on it from a previous user.

When Dave’s brother Pete first set up the training cabin back in Oak Ridge TN with his partner Ivo, their obsession was feet. There is a particular bug which thrives on feet, especially in that sweaty and humid region between the baby toe and the next. Even those of us who habitually go barefoot cannot avoid this little beastie. If you are going to wrestle with someone and find his feet in your face, it’s good not to encounter the odour. And so a disinfectant footbath was mandated before entering the training cabin – and still is. And, as I and some of my gay partners actually rather enjoy having their toes sucked… you can see the point. In fact, all the current users – and there are quite a few from the next generation now led by my son Leo – take great care with their hygiene in order to avoid the need for numerous personal towels. They have all been educated on the appropriate deployment of the soap bar during their shower… enough said on that, I think. But when your naked wrestle partner ends up sitting on your face, you want that to be a pleasant experience.

So, back here in Portugal, we have a ‘clothes-optional’ half and a family half where clothes can be removed in certain areas and/or at certain times of the day. It is very popular with the Russian/German/Nordic ‘free to air’ tradition known in some parts as FKK (Frei Korper Kultur). After all, folks come here to get a load of the brilliant sun and to top up their Vitamin D, as well as to indulge in the assorted fitness activities for which the place has been designed. There are multiligual signs discreetly reminding people to “leave the equipment as they would wish to find it” in the gyms, sauna, on sun loungers and so forth. But we may need to do more.

We have a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection regime for our equipment already. But it is obvious that, now and again, there been little accidents. The debate in the meeting focussed on whether we should order people around more (more notices and rigorous enforcement of a towel culture), clean up after them more often, and so forth. Many public gym facilities fret about sweat, never mind the rest. A lot of people are offended if they find sweat from a previous user on the back of a seat on a resistance machine, although sweating might be considered to be what they are there to do, and are instructed to cover the seat with a towel to avoid leaving a trace. We’ve always taken the view that you start clean (the private gay gym in TN mandates a shower before entering) but sweat after that is ‘fair game’ – after all, if we wrestle, we share each other’s sweat anyway, our sticky skin sliding against each other. It can be stimulating, even sexy, to find your face in an opponent’s armpit in a wrestle bout. So we don’t bother about towels on our own equipment. Others disagree strongly and there have been complaints both ways – some FKK trainers demanding others use towels like they do, some getting annoyed at having to cart a towel around.

Not sure how this will be resolved for the new season. Possibly handing towels out to the clothes-free clientele when they arrive in the gyms. For ourselves, since we use each other as benches, are gay partners and thrive on our body contact in all respects, I can confidently say that on our own equipment (roof terrace of our apartment), all weights and wrestling will be entirely FKK and uninhibited! And, unlike this next guy, Speedo-free! Our definition of ‘body-contact sports’ is all about the contact!

OK. Onwards and upwards with our feast of Speedos and briefs for today’s post. Starting with a guy ‘dressed’ for reading!

Unfortunately, he’s not reading one of my books… but you can. Just click on the covers for links or search Amazon etc for paper copies (better) or e-versions.


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