Heading Back…

…to Tennessee… but only for a short break!

Yes. Dave and I (and our very close friend Zach, here ‘on loan’) will be heading back across the pond for our Christmas break in a day or so (via Oxford UK and my parents). After committing to Portugal for at least the next year, and having been there for nigh on six months, it is going to be a little strange to return to the place that was our home for over 16 years and to the actual house where I lived for the last few of them (and Dave for all of them!). A place where we grew to love one another and to enjoy our favourite sport (acrobatics) and grew a large group of gay friends with whom we share so much.

I was careful not to say ‘Heading Home’ in the ‘Heading Back’ heading (sorry for this probable confusion!) because I am never really sure where ‘home’ is any more. Tennessee for 17 years makes it a strong contender: Oxford UK, since my parents live there, another; and Northampton UK where I was born and initially started growing up. Or the one home Dave and I own, in Mid Wales. Goodness knows.

What’s for sure is that there have been some changes in Oak Ridge since we left. For starters, we don’t have a room anymore! This is now Korben’s domain, the gay bodybuilder who linked up with young Canadian Jude on the internet. Jude attends High School with my son Leo and this internet hookup caused us all some initial concern, but turned out to be entirely genuine. With (reluctant) parental approval, Jude now spends around three nights a week with Korben in what was Dave’s and my bed, the others at home being an ‘obedient’ schoolboy doing his homework assignments in between his own bodybuilding training.

The morning ritual of intense weight training for all in the cabin at the top of the yard continues. Ivo and Pete are always there first from around 5.30am before heading out to the gymnastics center to open up for the tyro enthusiasts who train before work or school. My son Leo and his close friend Chris lead the younger generation which, in addition to those already mentioned plus Billy (Chris’s older brother, another bodybuilder who works out with Korben and Jude), includes long-term High-School wrestlers Tjark and Ryan, both known for their flexibility and slim muscular build which enables them to slip out of many holds, plus three ‘gentlemen of color’ – Theo and Errol, long-term inmates now, plus a third guy we have yet to meet who is improbably known by the name ‘Baggins’ because he is small and (so Leo says) built like a Hobbit. He attends a different school from the rest of them but is a friend of Errol, formerly like him getting into occasional trouble with the law before this new interest took hold and focused their minds. Success all round there then – we look forward to meeting him.



There are three books about Dave and I (and the ‘gang’):

A much more recent book is entire fiction and concerns an outcast gay boy in search of his future, and perhaps his true love. Will he ever find it? Click on the cover, buy the book and find out!

Clicking on the other covers leads to similar treasures! And now, some more fit lads for you:

(Wonder what he has to hide…?)

Do remember why we are here! To try and sell books – check. To promote fitness in men of all ages – check (it is never too old or too late…!!). To share images which inspire fitness and which will therefore hopefully be enjoyed by all men – straight or gay. And ladies… you are welcome here too! Feel free to enjoy our excellent guys… and there’s no obvious reason why you wouldn’t enjoy reading “Let The Future Find Me” either…plenty of female characters with strong ‘inclinations’…

…and that’s a great way to exercise the abs (static load) and arms (pull-ups) at the same time.

So there we are. Mostly weights guys today. And why not. That’s where one of the secrets to keeping fit lies. Plus diet, other forms of exercise, and keeping a positive outlook. It all adds up. Enjoy, and see you soon. Fro one side of the Atlantic or the other, depending on how much time I get…


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