And Finally, Before Things Change…

…and I mean pictures shifting to the new page, deletion of old posts and images to make space for the future, and less personal info…

…I thought that we would have one final old-style post since it kind of brings things back to where the blog began – namely featuring books written around our former life and times here in Oak Ridge Tennessee, where we are briefly back for Christmas before returning via UK to resume our ‘new life’ in Portugal. Our addiction to training (weights etc) and performance (acrobatics etc – and that’s not us above, but some Czech lads) began there and has continued over soon-to-be 20 years (OMG!). In that time Dave and I acquired kids who in a few days time will be 16yo – which makes us feel real old. The books explain all that. Right now we’re back with their mums in our old home although, since our former room is now rented by Korben (low 20’s gay bodybuilder and partner to Canadian boy Jude) we’re sleeping in our old haunt, the loft space above the training cabin at the top of the yard, currently shared with two close friends from Lexington KY, Leon and Dane, who joined us all here for the festivities.

OK, that’s enough Santa hats. IT’S OVER! Normal pictures from now on…

Exactly. Doing what we (still) love to do. Christmas Day or not, the young enthusiasts arriving in the cabin at crack of dawn to train woke us all, quickly joined by the not-so-young enthusiasts. Ten teens and nine adults in a cabin which has about enough space for six people at most to train, so a very heady sweaty atmosphere quickly developed before some had to leave to get back to their own family celebrations. We remained twelve for Christmas lunch, cooked once again by the amazing Clare, who for once did accept a little help: seven of us were of the gay Tuan Jie persuasion (of which much as been written here and in the books): only Zach’s partner Gary (reluctantly joining for lunch the parents who once threw him out of the house for being gay) and Ethan/Jack being missing from that fraternity (those two are performing in Toronto [Jack’s home town] as Jack’s father is seriously ill with just a few weeks left, sadly – but they will join us in Portugal for the whole of the 2018 show season).

My son Leo still delighted to have his girlfriend in permanent residence (Karla, another acrobat, sharing Jaymee’s room) – sadly Karla is now estranged from both parents who both had ‘other’ Christmas plans. A long and sorry tale not to be wished on any kid. My extended ‘family’ has reached out to support her

Possibly information overload already: another picture then: some cheerful Russian lads enjoying the great outdoors:

…while another entertains the crowd on a beach:

We’re also just back from another Dec 26 tradition – the High School Swim Team ‘Winter Initiation’ – or at least, the young-un’s went to that while we went to visit friend Cody who lives nearby the site, and our kids stayed on to join him and us in a second Clinch River immersion. Air temperature 5C (41F) and water temperature – I think – about the same. Still, it’s a tradition… felt a bit like this…

…but then, we’re acrobats (allegedly) and, if the training of Chinese air stewards includes this (it really does)…

…then a dip in the Clinch River in December should be child’s play. And besides, Cody had hot coffee waiting for us all afterwards!

And so, with the news that Dave and I shall return to Portugal shortly to resume our current jobs as gym supervisors and empresarios/performers in the entertainment at our vacation centre, that our kids continue in school at least for now but will join us (with their two partners) for a lengthy season in the summer vacation, that Ethan and Jack will join us for longer and that the rest of our Tuan Jie crew will no doubt “live happily ever after”, I am closing down the regularly diary section of this blog in favour of commentary on more worldly matters than our private lives – such as my epic works of literature (this blog page) and continued fitness inspiration for guys of all persuasions on the new ‘Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics‘ page, the link for which you will now find in the Index beneath the header image on this page. When I add batches of new pictures there, which will be themed, I will post a notice on this blog page (and on the Facebook page) as a reminder to come visit, together with the link.

I finish for today with a few more images here to inspire your renewed fitness endeavours in 2018.

Finally, while most readers here are probably gay, I have tried to create fitness inspiration of relevance to all, whatever sexual preference. In addition to trying to sell books, of course. Hopefully, it has worked, but a little Shakespeare (mis)quotation may be in order:

If we shadows have offended

Think but this, and all is mended

That you have but slumbered here#

While these visions did appear

No more yielding but a dream

And this weak and idle theme…

…So, goodnight unto you all

Give me your hands, if we be friends…

Here’s to the new look for 2018! (In ALL senses.). Resolutions? Absolutely!!



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2 Responses to And Finally, Before Things Change…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    So,the flow will be uninterrupted, just different. Can’t wait to see.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      First one just posted as a small trial. The problem will be that there won’t be a comments space for each picture post – the system only gives one on a supplementary page and that will always be right at the bottom. But comments can be made on the simultaneous short ‘notice’ post on the main blog which will stick around for a while.

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