Outrageous Amazon!!

Recently I had an e-mail from a reader in Idaho. Having purchased Let The Future Find Me, The Power of Love and Against All Odds from Amazon US, he wanted the first book Loving The Boy. To his, and to my, amazement, Amazon quoted a price of nearly $100 for it while a second similar site quoted $181.90!!! Given that the cover price of the most expensive volume is just under $18 (converted from British Pounds as it is published there), the rest would be enough to ship it from Jupiter I should think!!

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS – and doubly so because it next to impossible for my publisher to get money out of Amazon anyway and hence for me to get paid anything for Amazon sales. So here’s the deal:

My ‘uncle’ in Wales UK (not exactly an uncle, but near enough and he lives just a few miles from our own cottage there) acts as my focal point in UK for the books. He will arrange to ship a copy of any of the books anywhere in the world for $25 (or less for the new one, Let The Future Find Me) if the buyer is willing to slip the relevant cash notes into an envelope and mail them to him. Happy to accept USD, Euros or British Pounds at the equivalent conversion!

Let me know if anyone would like to avail themselves of this service and I will organise it for you! Mail me at gymacrobat@gmail.com

Another alternative to go to an ACTUAL BOOKSTORE. I know they’re somewhat hard to find these days, but given the ISBN they can find any book in the world and their charges will be a little less than $181.90!! They deserve support from all readers (and writers).

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Let The Future Find Me: ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1

And then, of course, there are the actual publisher’s sites which also deserve support because they actually pass me money from time to time: clicking on the covers below leads directly there.

And thanks from me for your support too. Keeping the books going out occasionally makes all of this blog effort worthwhile. And welcome to the two new blog pages if you haven’t explored them yet: this is where most future pictures will go:

Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics

Gay Expression

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1 Response to Outrageous Amazon!!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I haven’t looked on Amazon for your books. I bought directly from you. If it is available on Amazon without your approval, it may be a used book bought by one of your readers. The reader may be legally reselling it on Amazon. Possibly, an unscrupulous dealer may also be “reselling” your books. It may be worth checking out to protect your copyright.

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