Choosing ‘Mr Right’

Dave and I know exactly what we like to see in a guy… each other, for a start, and then some of our closest friends. But, just for fun, we’ve selected 20 young gentlemen with various “attributes”, whom you might like to ‘rate’ as suitable gay companions! In doing this, we make no suppositions about the sexuality of the guys pictured, all of which are unknown to us.

Visit the Gay Expression page now and see who might ‘fit your bill’… and then come back here to comment and let us all know what you like!

Ironically – although not really – my first three books are on exactly the them of finding and falling for a gay mate (and all the things we both liked doing as well as doing all those ‘gay’ things!). A lot of sport, circus and adventure in here too. Click on these covers for more information.

Some observers may view guys ‘getting it together’ as ‘guys up to no good’. Whichever way you fell about gay relationships, let me share another picture which is clearly of boys up to no good… but boys enjoying the sun in their native South America, boys out for a good time, and enjoying a little sense of danger… if only from the guy glaring at them from the window of the tram:

If your childhood was spent ‘living on the edge’ like that, then you were extremely fortunate! And, BOY, doesn’t that boy on the right go in for skimpy briefs!!

A fourth book is also about gay love, but mainly ‘love lost’ and ‘love trying to be regained’. Follow the lone Native American boy as he jumps through ever more hoops in search of his destiny…

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1 Response to Choosing ‘Mr Right’

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Although I would never have done it in public like these boys, I can remember going to the forest preserve and shedding my clothes in the woods. The 70s were a freer time, and I admit that, in my boyhood, I probably wouldn’t have had a problem posing nude–especially if it were outdoors. I couldn’t wait for the warm months to find a place to shed my clothes, but being a city boy without a car made finding a place tough!

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