…with a job well done (in the gym!).

20 new pictures added today on the Fitness (etc) page. And a bonus here to get you started…

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4 Responses to Satisfaction…

  1. Jeff Palmer says:

    I’d like to take all day and explore every inch of this stud’s body with my tongue

  2. Platinumboy says:

    It’s good to see you include young boys in your photos. Hopefully, this will inspire young boys. However, here is my personal experience: When I was a boy, I wanted to be a gymnast. My parents had no vision on how to afford he cost of training. Perhaps you could share with your readers some helpful hints on how to afford fitness training.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Not too young I hope – generally I stay away from images of anyone obviously under 18 to avoid any “issues”. Interesting question about raising the funding to allow young guys to embark on a fitness regime… not sure how I can address that in the blog, but I will think about it!

  3. Platinumboy says:

    I didn’t mean young in a sensual sense. I meant that starting young on a fitness regimen is important to long-term fitness. I was discouraged by my parents because of the imagined cost. However, living in the big city, we did have the YMCA and the Sokol clubs. They simply were not familiar with how to use them. We also had gymnastc centers. They could have simply asked my gym teacher. The point is that kids get inspired by fitness, then their parents discourage them. Further, few public school districts have the funds to encourage fitness to this level. If we as a society are introduced to fitness regimens at a young age, we may all be better off. The younger we start, the more likely it will be a lifetime habit.

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