30 New Pix Today…

…Ten More Loving Couples:

…have found their way onto the Gay Expression blog page (https://tonycavanagh.com/gay-expression/)from anticipation, through playtime, to breakfast in bed!

AND: 20 new assorted Arm Balancers (and Some Other Strength Moves)

…are on the Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics page (https://tonycavanagh.com/fitness-acrobatics-and-gymnastics/).

If you like, reward me by buying a book! The latest one is about a gay lad who doesn’t get to spend happy times with his young love because he gets thrown out of his community as a result of the liaison. There follows a period of ‘finding himself’ before a possible chance to be re-united comes along, after a difficult search. And then, fate deals a wild card… do please click on the cover of Let The Future Find Me for a link…

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Born Northampton UK
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1 Response to 30 New Pix Today…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I find it interesting as a teacher, especially at the high school level, that I see more homoerotic expressions of love in “public” (inside the high school). I wonder how much is exploration and how much is real, how much is influenced by blogs and other sites like yours.

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