By Popular Demand…

…a short personal update, which fits the two picture sets I posted today on the Fitness, Acrobatic and Gymnastics page (

20 new pictures of Wrestle Action, then 20 new pictures of guys getting together ‘Sharing in the Fun‘. Go explore via that link!

At the end of the year, for a number of reasons, I decided to cut right down on the personal information placed here. But Spring has sprung, the thermometer has reached 20C again and, as it is Easter, the show season is about to start. And Dave and I are delighted to have been joined by our two close friends (very close, in the gay relations sense too) Ethan and Jack, full-time professional acrobats joining the team here. They will perform daily in various venues on the Algarve coast and in nearby parts of Spain too, being one of a number of ‘acts’ that will move around different vacation complexes day by day in the ‘Touring Company’ we have put together. Some acts will do daytime beach and street performances too – certainly our two mates will. Dave and I will probably be staying put and only appearing in the shows here, as we have other gym management and teaching/entertaining duties, so that’s just twice or three times a week. But Ethan and Jack will be based here, in the apartment below us, and will be spending huge amounts of time with us on our roof terrace!

Jack has suffered a personal double tragedy, losing both his father (to long-term serious illness) and then his mother (suddenly) shortly afterwards, and this new environment after long months in Toronto will probably be good therapy. So, good times ahead, especially when our own close family (kids and their mothers) arrive at the end of May – circus showbiz, one and all!

Thanks for following this blog: we hope you like the new format. Do remember that a cull of old posts and their images is in progress, and that the ‘lifetime’ of images on the new pages (Fitness etc [], and Gay Expression []) will only be about six months, so  that we always have space for new stuff. So grab what you want to grab while it is still here!

We also hope you will support us by buying some of the books: details will be found upon clicking on the covers.

But even if you don’t read – or can’t read! – you’re very welcome here, to share the things we love to see and to do.


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