Another Torrent of Pics Added

The stock of images I have stored ready to share with you guys seems to get larger all the time, so I’ve had another purge as it was a day off today… 3 sets of 20 added to the Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics blog ( page today in three categories.

There’s an additional picture for each category here, just to whet your appetite:

First, Wrestling – Back by Popular Request!

Secondly, A Handbalancing Selection:

And Thirdly: Guys who are Clearly Satisfied with the Bodies they’ve Built:

So, that’s actually 63 images altogether, free to a good home! As a reward, I would LOVE for you to buy a book or two, and hopefully recommend the following – just click on covers for links to publishers, or search the usual outlets which will include e-books.

Actually, I’ve stuck one more picture on the Gay Expression ( page too… but it’s probably not what you expect to see there…

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2 Responses to Another Torrent of Pics Added

  1. Platinumboy says:

    A great addition to gay expressions would be to feature fit naked couples walking hand in hand. Maybe you even have friends willing to pose. Who knows?

  2. Platinumboy says:

    Take a look at this great post: I will bet you’ll love it. Too bad we don’t know who he is. I would like to see more and know the photog’s name.

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