Feeling Low in the Water…

I finished a show last night dripping blood on to Dave’s head. At some point, someone’s finger or toe nail must have caught me and I got a gash across my nose and cheek which I didn’t notice, being preoccupied with balancing on my arm on Dave’s head… until the blood ran into my eye… of course, in the ‘line-up’ which followed, my colleagues thought that it was hilarious… “Nice Dracula effect, specially for you”, said Jack, acting as impromptu MC…

So now I’m sporting a large plaster across my face, maybe feeling a bit like the 20 guys I just posted ‘Hanging Their Heads’, usually through gazing at their abs instead of smiling at the camera. And then I added 20 more pictures of guys “Enjoying the Water”, which made me feel much better.

You can enjoy these on the Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics page (https://tonycavanagh.com/fitness-acrobatics-and-gymnastics/).

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3 Responses to Feeling Low in the Water…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I’ve noticed some photos from sportsfoto-online.com on your blog. I like the photos, but wondered where they originated because so many of the photosets they offer to sell featured the same boys. I found a website that stated that it was approved by Google, but that it had a low rating for child safety. I couldn’t see a reason for the rating. I don’t know their definition of “child safety”. Have you seen actual full photo sets? In all seriousness, what is your opinion? The site doesn’t seem unsafe for children to me.

  2. tonycavanagh says:

    It is a German site but I have never visited it directly.. the pictures I use have shown up in other places. I suspect that, although it is not a porn site, it operates like one, and is in the business to make money. I know that it objects to the re-posting of its images on other sites for that reason. A similar one is the south African site than delivers wrestling videos for payment – again, often the same boys. But as there are a number of ways of copying videos directly, theirs also now appear via Facebook/YouTube etc from where they can currently be downloaded using a site such as Downvids.com. I suspect things will get tightened up about videos before long – some other downloading sites have been threatened with legal action and have closed down. I only post pictures which I feel illustrate success in the things we stand for – fitness, gym, acrobatics etc.

    • Platinumboy says:

      I agree. They are great photos. I sincerely believe that kids should be encouraged in fitness and photos of fit kids engaged in normal activities can be an encouragement. I also view it as a throwback to my own, more carefree youth. We never worried about getting in trouble or being in danger due to a little play in our swimsuits. Thanks for responding. I really don’t see any problems with the photos I have seen. As I said before, the site I checked for the origin of the original site and other information did not define “child safety”.

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