“Don’t Chase Dreams: Hunt Goals!”

That quote is all about our attitude to fitness. 20 further pictures of guys who’ve done exactly that are now posted on the Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics page (https://tonycavanagh.com/fitness-acrobatics-and-gymnastics/) along with a dozen or so guys who are interacting in some way with a vest or shirt – perhaps because their gym house rules demand it. Not our style, but there you go!

Talking of fitness, I’ve posted an old advert for a healthy bedtime drink on the Gay Expression page (https://tonycavanagh.com/gay-expression/). I understand that my father, at some early point in his life, was an ‘Ovaltiney’. He didn’t entirely follow the line of the advert though, or maybe I wouldn’t be here…

We’re looking forward to having our kids with us for the period of the US school vacation (along with a couple of their friends and their mums). All of them are going to have to work for their living participating in shows both here in the vacation complex and elsewhere on the Algarve and western Spanish coastline. First time we’ve seen any of them since Christmas, so a great start to our summer!

Going to the beach? Here’s a good read to take with you and help to support the blog:


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4 Responses to “Don’t Chase Dreams: Hunt Goals!”

  1. Uncle Carl says:

    Love the Ovaltine ad! Growing up, Mom wouldn’t buy it, so I’m presuming the same thing can be said for Nestle’s Quik. I _do_ buy Ovaltine nowadays, so I guess you could say I use it for “maintenance”. LOL

  2. Platinumboy says:

    The Ovaltine ad is hilarious. Coming from Wales, you may not be familiar with classic American TV, but use of the word “gay” on American network television was once very common. For example, I have a dvd which contains a Bob Hope episode where the “I Love Lucy” cast switches roles. When Bob Hope’s character meets Desi Arnaz’s character, Bob comments on how “very gay” his clothes are. Similarly, Bob Hope appears in a Jack Benny episode where Jack and Bob have gone hunting in “Africa”. Back then, the only way to include gays was to make veiled references to Denmark. Bob tells Jack that he knows the tiger he killed was from Denmark. “How do you know?” Jack asks. Bob answers, “He had his hand on his hip.” Today, some might find that offensive (I hope you don’t.), but that was the only way Hollywood could include LGBTQ people in their company. So let’s continue to see the humor where it is, and in the words of the “Flintstones” theme song: “You’ll have a gay old time! (Wilma!)”.

  3. tonycavanagh says:

    Great comment – thanks!

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