Thursday’s Gymnasts, Bar Boys, Lovers, and a Bit of News

Today, I’ve put a large post on the Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics page ( featuring gymnasts, followed by street workout dudes (30 pix in all). Above is the first of three ‘extras’ included in this post to illustrate the themes, which also includes novel uses of bars in weights gym settings… like this guy doing his ab crunches while hanging by the feet from a bar we actually can’t see:

Finally, 9 couples (in 12 pictures on the Gay Expression page ( show us how they feel about one another, like these two:

These themes presumably interest you, or you wouldn’t be here. Therefore my books, sales of which support this blog, should also interest you. E-book versions are available, but actual BOOKS are coming back in vogue. Clicking on the covers will lead you to more information:

A number of readers have recently commented that they miss the ‘daily diary’ blog format of our lives and times which I suspended around Christmas. The reason for that was that I found folks were trying to ‘sniff us out’ in our new employment here in the currently unusually cool south-western corner of Europe. However, a fairly momentous change is coming for us: school in Tennessee is about to be out and our kids, their two best friends and their two mums are all headed our way, to be picked up in a couple of days by Dave at Lisbon airport. All six will join the four of our original ‘acrobatic/fakir gang’ already here for the duration of the American school break (until end July) and, in various combinations, will be entertaining here and at other venues along the coast in both Algarve and south-western Spain. As we haven’t seen them since Christmas, we’re trusting that they’ll have their ‘act’ together, and Dave and I are certainly practically bursting out of our skins to see them again. I’m not identifying acts/names but, if you see them/us, you’ll surely know! Get the books for your beach reading and, if you can find us, I’ll autograph them!

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