Handstands and Other Stories

…But, before you do leave, I’ve added 20 assorted handstand pix to the new (second) Fitness (etc) page (https://tonycavanagh.com/fitness-acrobatics-and-gymnastics-2/) to keep you all on your toes (actually, fingers, come to think of it). Here’s a taster extra pic – there are many ways of balancing on your hands!…

And then I added some new gay(er) stuff on the Gay Expression page (https://tonycavanagh.com/gay-expression/) – again, here’s a boonus pic:

Finally, a topical but totally off-topic picture which I found, which hopefully does NOT describe my little suite of web pages! Go explore, and don’t forget the huge first archive page of Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics (https://tonycavanagh.com/fitness-acrobatics-and-gymnastics/) – it won’t be there for ever!

About tony

Born Northampton UK
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1 Response to Handstands and Other Stories

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I’ve always thought guys were lucky to find a place to be naked with friends.

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