Bear-ly Believable

I cannot resist sharing this piece of news which has just reached us from Llanwrtyd Wells in Mid Wales, the nearest “town” to our cottage. For several weeks, visitors (and my parents who go there a lot) have been moaning about apparently unnecessary traffic control lights outside the Cambrian Woolen Mill which is just outside the town on the main road. There appeared to be no logical reason for their being there.

Turns out there really was no logical reason for them being there. However, the reason they were there is so bizarre…

For the last 15 years, a seven-foot high carved wooden bear has stood outside the mill by the side of the road. I have no idea why – I suppose we should have asked. However, some woman driving past appears to have decided it was a real bear, panicked, and crashed her car. The Welsh government ordered the removal of the bear pending an investigation. The bear was tipped over and hidden in some undergrowth. Lights to control alternate-direction traffic were installed, though it is not clear why.

Now, after several weeks, some TV exposure and a lot of local campaigning in support of the creature, the Welsh government has decided that the bear can be reinstated, albeit a little further away from the side of the road, just in case someone else takes it into their head that it is a real bear…

All I can say is that, if they had ever lived in the USA where actual bears wander about riffling through rubbish bins, they might have had a point. But this is the town where they don’t have bears but do stage the World Alternative Games, including bog snorkelling, wife carrying, man versus horse races, table tennis with “additional hazards”, and so forth. Altogether weird, so no surprise we ended up there then… except that we’re not there for the foreseeable future, being in Portugal instead. I wonder if they have bears here…

To make this post ‘legal’, I’ve added a couple of ‘cheeky’ (but not ‘bare’) pictures to the Gay Expression page ( These should appeal to one follower who seems to like feet (you know who you are, NJ boy!)…

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2 Responses to Bear-ly Believable

  1. Platinumboy says:

    The bear story reminds me of the story of the Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth, Minnesota. It stands at the exact halfway point of Interstate 90. It has been said that it appears to the eye suddenly as one’s vehicle climbs a hill on I-90. A few accidents are said to have occurred over the years as startled drivers, unaware of the Giant’s closeness, have tried to avoid “hitting” the statue, which is actually well off to the side.

  2. Ian williams says:

    New bear in town.Just as the saga of the bear in Llanwrtyd Wells has begun to die down, a new life-like size statue of a grizzly bear has emerged.
    You can find the full story here.

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