Important Notice: An Appeal

Now then! I hope that, at least, got your attention.

I have never made a secret of the fact that the purpose of this blog is to promote my written work. An average of 1000 folks are ‘hitting’ this blog every day. If even just one of those people each day heeded the plea to buy one book to support a struggling writer, sales would dramatically improve.

I’m looking at other ways to promote the books, but this blog will not necessarily continue if things do not look up, sales-wise. Click on any of the covers below for more information: the fourth book (‘Let The Future Find Me’) is the shortest, best and cheapest of the lot (£8.99, €9.99) and a good place to start. There is a fifth on the way but I am losing interest in finishing it if it ends up costing me more to promote than it earns… They’re not that bad!

I’m counting on YOU.

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4 Responses to Important Notice: An Appeal

  1. Platinumboy says:

    The books are good, but what you have is basically a single product–your books. That’s not bad, but people are willing to buy other things. You might consider broadening your merchandise by partnering with other like-minded merchandisers, offering promotional material that fits your target audience, or even expands your target audience. Merchandisers are always looking for outlets for their products and ways to sell their ideas. The political parties in the United States (and presumably other countries), for example, accept paid advertising from like minded merchandisers and other blogs, etc. promoting their ideas and merchandise.

    Ideas for companion merchandise include T-shirts, mugs and other paraphernalia that promote the same or kindred ideas and even events and destinations. Will your bosses allow you to promote their resort if you charge a fee? What about promoting your family’s events?

    Do you have friends and business associates who have products or services you are willing to promote? Those products and services don’t need to be LGBTQ-oriented. They just need to be things in which you share an interest.

    Many blogs and websites make money helping to promote other people’s products, ideas and beliefs and services. Maybe you could do the same. You appear to have many followers. It might make you quite comfortable. I’m sure there are services available to help you build a clientele.

    Facebook and Google didn’t become billion-dollar entities selling only one product!

    Good Luck!

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