The (First) Party’s Over…

…but another one always begins!

The approaching end of the US schools summer vacation means the end of two glorious months of having the whole family in Portugal (plus the kid’s partners and two of our acrobatic friends), appearing in our shows and generally having a great time. Now, just as Europe’s kids get let out of school, they have to head back in (and, I am pleased to say, have decided to do so although they could have left – they are developing some new and more practical interests for the future which I will talk about another time maybe.

For the last few days, Dave and I plus all four youngsters have been in UK visiting grandparents, parents etc and catching up with their/our UK fitness friends. We expected more sunshine, given the amazing UK weather with 54 days without rain and temperatures at 30C plus…

…but then, while having a mass reunion at our place in Wales over the weekend, this happened…

…a deluge of biblical proportions over Saturday night and Sunday! At least our water supply there is slowly recovering after drying up completely – but still not enough depth of water in the river to swim in.

Anyway, one last night in Oxford for everyone then off to Heathrow for the kids, joining Karen and Clare hopefully on their connection from Faro to be on the same plane back to US. Next day for Dave and I – back to Faro and back to work!

I’m posted a set of pictures just now on the second Fitness (Etc) page ( to celebrate the long hot summer, which certainly continues in Portugal and might even return for the Brit kid’s summer hols.

Four of our loving gay group therefore remain at the vacation centre to continue the evening shows (with some new acts coming in, thank goodness) and Dave and I of course, continue to manage the gyms and run fitness sessions while Jack and Ethan ply their trade in the daytime with beach entertainment. With the ‘gay’ relationships in mind, I am also adding some new stuff on the Gay Expression page ( right now. Enjoy.

And here’s a final thought – get your self something to read on the beach:

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