Droning On

We had some adventures last night while doing our handstands and whatnot in the show here at the vacation complex. We were four high, with Jack doing his one-arm on top of Ethan’s head, Dave at the base and me number 2 up, when a drone appeared just above us, presumably being flown by someone elsewhere on the site and after some “special” photographs or video. Performing high up with something like that whizzing around you does not exactly do wonders for your balance, and we had to stop while management put out a tannoy appeal for its owner to stop. It abruptly vanished, and we were able to continue with the next part – Jack and Ethan on trapeze at the same height as the drone had been while, Dave, me and the Portuguese lads were setting up our bed of nails and stuff ready for the second half.

After the show, as we often do, we retired to our little private roof terrace on the staff block for a glass of wine and some of the stuff that four loving gay lads might get up to. And then we slept on the outdoor mattress on the roof (they are predicting temperatures reaching 40C+ here tomorrow, so you can understand we didn’t need a bed with a duvet covering it!). Woke at first light, and just getting up to our early-morning stuff together (as you do) – when the bloody thing appeared again, creeping up over the side of the balcony and almost caught us in flagrante as it were – naked for sure and you can imagine the rest. Hovering about half a metre above me as I lay on the mats (with Ethan, but never mind about that…)

Dave leapt up, grabbed our rather conveniently-placed sweeping brush and, with a brilliant dive, managed to impale the thing on the broom handle, then Jack grabbed the sun umbrella we have, pulling it out of it’s concrete holder, put that through the middle in between its four propellers and then put the pole back in the concrete block. After a while, its whirring little propellers stuttered, tried a few more gasps, and then its motors died and it slid down on to the concrete in a sulk.

Tonight, it’s still there. No-one has come forward to the management with a ‘have you seen my drone’ request. We’re happy to wait and let someone else make the first move – and, if you’re reading this, we’ve disabled the camera. Seems it was a digital device which stored many still images in sequence in a memory card although it may have transmitted video to a remote receiver as well, but our dignity is probably safe thanks to Dave’s quick reaction, and we’ve wiped the memory. Just so you know, whoever you are.

I suppose we should be grateful that the thing didn’t pop up in front of one of jets making its final approach in Faro, which sometimes come quite close to us, just out to sea. These things are becoming real pests on some beaches, too, and potentially highly dangerous in the hands of inexperienced pilots.

This inspired me to post handstands on the second Fitness (Etc) page (https://tonycavanagh.com/fitness-acrobatics-and-gymnastics-2/) under the headline “All Hands on Deck” (mainly because I couldn’t think of anything else. 20 new pictures there, so go explore. And these ones are free for the taking!

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2 Responses to Droning On

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I don’t know what the laws are there concerning drones, but I remember an incident last summer in Illinois concerning a drone. A teen boy was filming a teen girl sunbathing in her backyard. The Father caught the drone and did considerable damage to it (as it was hovering in his backyard photographing his underage daughter). The owner of the drone was easily identifiable, and, obviously, the boy was filming without permission and was, presumably, on private property without permission. The boy was not charged, but the Father was charged with damaging and “stealing” private property. As with 99.9% of stories like these, we never heard what the judge had to say.

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