Gym Rats, Gymnasts and Handstands

An update from Shanghai (yes, holiday time!!). I seem to have defeated the Great Firewall of China and posted two new sets on the second Fitness (etc.) page ( – 20 gym bunnies and 20 assorted gymnasts and handstanders.

The page got updated OK but this post will try to link to Google which is absolutely Verboten here, so I have my fingers crossed when I finally press ‘Enter’! Of course, if you’re reading this, it worked!

Here’s a couple of extras to set the mood: a nice upstart…

…a Russian hold at the poolside…

…and a very determined gym bunny!



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3 Responses to Gym Rats, Gymnasts and Handstands

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Great encouragement with the photos! However, as I age, I am left to wonder…How much is work and how much is genetics? I’m referring specifically to the over 50 crowd. I see a lot of photos of men and women over 50 who look great, but they are usually celebrity types with a lot of money to spend on plastic surgery and its related maintenance. Today, I am determined to remain active, but arthritis and other painful items have newly limited me as I age. Really, how many Jack Lalaines and Lucille Balls are there? (Lucille Ball had a fantastic figure she could put into a legless tuxedo suit in her 70s.) Lucie Arnaz, her daughter, is 67 and looks the same as her Mom.

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