Sleepless in Shanghai!

Just been out for a meal in a restaurant which thankfully had the food pictured and labelled in English. We’re not staying in the touristy bit (by choice), but it is proving very challenging to figure out what any shop or restaurant offers! And, of course, this is the land of “NO” – no tumblr, no facebook, no google, no instagram, no Gmail (we’re behind the ‘Great Firewall’)… fortunately WordPress is still working and the posts appear to be linking in to Facebook and Tumblr although I cannot check it. So I cannot check my favourite sources for new pix either.

Fortunately I have quite a few stored up. So today, before bedtime, I’ve added 16 new pictures on the theme of ‘Hanging In There’ and 20 pix of groups of guys doing their thing: all on the second Fitness (Etc) page ( Enjoy, perhaps inspired by these, featuring  the lads from Chelyabinsk:

To help things along, please pay attention to the book covers I throw into the libraries of pictures from time to time. We do really need more book sales to help things along, and you cooperation would be greatly appreciated!!

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