Hunks in Manageable Chunks

Another change of direction for this site. I have closed the second Fitness (Etc) page ( after adding a final 20 images of guys putting their muscles and fitness to good use (so go check them out!). The first one is already full, although still there for you to access (

When I decided to go down the route of separate pages, I overlooked the fact that they don’t ‘wrap’ older stuff to archive – each time you access it, the whole darn lot has to download, and it is starting to take forever to do  that for some folks. However, don’t worry, the images there will be preserved and accessible for quite a while.

Posts on THIS blog page do ‘wrap’ after a certain length, making the links section easier to find and also you can comment on individual posts, which was difficult on the separate pages.

However, we are also up to 99% of the permitted uploads, so my long-standing threat to cull images from old blog posts really will have to happen now. This really is the FINAL WARNING to download anything you fancy keeping: I shall start from the oldest posts, removing whole ranks of images and maybe the entire posts as well. You have been given due notice!

The separate Gay Expression page ( will remain ‘in service’ for a while in the present form but that too, will shortly be too full for comfortable downloading.

SO, APART FROM THAT, THE IMAGE POSTING WILL REVERT TO THE BLOG POSTS, at least for the time being. Interleaved with a bit of news now and again, plus the inevitable book adverts for which this site was originally created.

I will start the (new) ball rolling then, with a few more images in the ‘hunks with muscle’ style… but don’t forget to take a look at those three separate pages as well! Especially ‘Gay Expression’, which I will continue to update for  while.

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1 Response to Hunks in Manageable Chunks

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Thye space issue was totally expected.

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