Back To The Future

OK: No.1 post under the new (old!) system of putting most of the pics into the blog posts rather than adding them to separate pages. The separate pages remain to view, and things WILL be added to ‘Gay Expression’ ( for a while.

But, otherwise, it is

Back To The [OLD SYSTEM] [For the Foreseeable] Future!

And therefore, on the subject of ‘Backs’, here we go. Some sturdy fellows showing theirs off in 14 new pix.

Back and front (Andy B of Vienna):

Two for the price of one…

The human flag is a great strength move for showing off what you have got in your upper back…

…and this stocky young trainer is certainly worthy of our attention! Just LOVE his facial expression…

Chelyabinsk gymnasts to end this post… if you need an anatomy lesson on the muscalature of the upper back and shoulders, here’s your man:

…and one of his colleagues on the pommel horse:


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