The Revolving Door

The  long-promised revolving-door policy has begun. For every bunch of new images posted on this site, I am deleting some of the least interesting (in my view) from the earliest posts. So far I have taken a look at everything up to July 2012, and therefore some images will no longer display on those posts. This is because I am too mean to pay for extra storage, since I haven’t sold enough books to raise the money (hint!). Click on the covers when they appear, for links.

In line with this ‘push-pull’ approach to posting from now one, all of today’s new pix involve pushing or pulling in some way, all of which serves (of course) to harden up those muscles… enjoy (and comment please via or beneath this post).

The new(ish) one…


The trilogy of gay love, gay sport and circus adventure…

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Born Northampton UK
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