A Pictorial Cure

Blue skies, blue sea… soon to be a thing of the past for anther season, even here in the Algarve. I have another reason to be depressed, too – on Friday evening my head got slammed between two heavy fire doors while investigating an incident in the dark outside the local gymnastics club – crunched between the side of one of the doors and the edge of the other by persons unknown. Big lumps on each side, and enough blood to offer a transfusion to someone. But enough of my problems! These summery and (largely) Speedo pics will cure everything.

Forgot your Speedos? No probs: underwear seems to pass as acceptable substitutes these days…

…not only beach and pool, but for a street workout…

I just LOVE this next kid’s hair: I think he’s wearing a possum! And he’s been in the water, clearly, so how does he have it so neat? Just wanna stroke it and give it some milk…

A famous internet presence now – Shannon Boi aka ‘swimbabe’:


Playtime #2:

Accessorize your Speedos…

Getting the hang of it…

Play (??) time #3:

Finally, shall we acclimatise for the colder weather?

OK, that’s 30 pix and 36 handsome guys to cheer us all up as winter approaches. Another thing you could try, with possibly the same effect, is to sample one or more of my books. Possibly the one on the left, shorter, cheaper and the tale of an outcast gay lad who sets out knowing not what he wants nor where to go, lost his love… that might be the place to start! A log fire, a beer or two and a good read…

Click on the covers for suitable links.


Finally, a reminder that the cull of selected pictures from old posts continues to make way for more. This will shortly be completed up to the end of 2013 so, if there is something you want to download, get in there quick in case it goes!




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1 Response to A Pictorial Cure

  1. Platinumboy says:

    It’s good to see the kids in there. I was wondering how old the boy being lifted was. He could have been anywhere from his teens to his twenties. As I’ve said before, I grew up in the middle European culture of the American Midwest. Boys and men working out together and being physically close (even while naked) was considered normal and non-sexual.

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