Sorry for the long gap in posting. Busy, busy… make up for it with a double-size post… and plenty of guys…

Today’s theme is group of fit lads doing their thing. Three or more (and in that first case, a lot more!). Looks like a team but not clear if they are climbers or a team/club in another sport just having a day in the mountains. Enjoy.

More mountains to kick off:

Locker-room shots are often the place where guys compare, or line up to show off their results. Here’s some others:

…martial artists? Which reminds me about something – the importance of the Chinese symbols for ‘Tuan Jie’, the concept of strength through ‘brotherhood’, around which much of my first three books revolve (so a timely reminder follows)…

Now, ‘on with the show’…


Definitely playtime… oh dear!

More Russian soldiers…

Some very fit gymnasts away from their gym:


…you knew I’d get to the gym eventually…

Outdoor workouts too…

OK, they’re actually athletes, but they are making good use of the bar! Back indoors:


Not sure what these guys are doing – looks like a car park extension…

A Japanese contribution:

Some water-boys:

…and beach posers:

Just catching some rays:

On the terrace (at the beach bar?):

OK, if you got this far, a reminder of my latest, cheapest and shortest work of fiction, “Let The Future Find Me”. The cover image says a lot about the story – lad on his own, befriended by animals, on a ‘quest’, uncomfortable with his sexuality and all may not end the way he hopes…

Support the blog and get yourselves a good read at the same time!

Finally for today, the great outdoors strikes back…






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