Two Together

Enjoy one of my books – the best way is with a friend…Many of these ‘Two Together’ images would have appeared on the Gay Expression page ( if it hadn’t gotten a bit full and therefore slow to load for some people. It’s still there, and there are hundreds of similar pictures waiting for you.

Also we have guys together just being mates (i.e. not so obviously ‘lovers’!) – just sharing whatever it is they love to do. Just as we all do – don’t we?

It’s a huge post: hope you enjoy!

Ah… this is a good point to break off and offer a few pairs who are just mates enjoying themselves gym/fitness-wise…

Actually, they look more like models than ‘mates’ even… but at first I thought it was a martial-arts floor… oh well…

OK, back to the ‘for-real’cuddles…

And now, the slightly more raunchy ones (although the first two are not necessarily a ‘couple’)…

OK guys, that’s ‘it’ for now. 45 pics overall, 90 great guys. Just hang in there till next time…

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Born Northampton UK
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