Let’s Wrestle (Again!)

Anywhere, any time!

Some of these wrestle pix have guys older than I normally post… but the holds are worth a look! Bit of a focus on leg holds this time. There are some short sequences from the same fight.

(OK, fight over, but a great picture I think). And now, a very effective use of legs and feet…

Hmmm. So many leg scissors today… so…

Before we continue, a couple of notes. First, the selective cull of old pictures has reached posts up to the end of September 2014. Rememeber, if there are any pictures you want to copy and keep, get in there quick. I need to make space for new postings.

ALSO: Tumblr are having a massive cull of blogs deemed to have ‘inappropriate’ content, which include a number we have enjoyed sourcing images from. This blog has only recently started copying over to Tumblr, so I hope that we survive. But, if you are Tumblr person, remember that we are based on WordPress (just search ‘tonycavanagh’).

NEXT, I remind you all (especially recent followers) that the blog depends not upon financial contributions to survive but on the sale of books (which leads to the same thing of course). The present four books are gay-oriented but accessible to all, especially the fourth and most recent one which is about the troubles of an outcast gay Native American lad – a sort of ‘on-foot’ road trip to find his destiny –  and doesn’t focus particularly on his gayness. The first three cover a lot of show and circus adventures in acrobatics too, plus some unrelated but involving adventure. Just click on the covers for appropriate links: e-versions of all four are also available.

A FURTHER P.S.: don’t forget to check out the other WordPress pages packed (but now full!) of interesting images:

Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics # 1 (inc. wrestling too): (https://tonycavanagh.com/fitness-acrobatics-and-gymnastics/)

ditto # 2 (https://tonycavanagh.com/fitness-acrobatics-and-gymnastics-2/)

Gay Expression (does what it says on the tin – NOT porn): (https://tonycavanagh.com/gay-expression/)

And now, a few wrestlers on their own (or at least not in combat!), showing us what they have…

And then a whole heap of ’em to finish!


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