DISASTER!! I Need Cheering Up…

The publisher of my first three books, Melrose Press, has ceased trading. I have suspected for some time that they lost all interest in marketing their books – sales have dropped dramatically.

This means that ALL links from clicking on the covers of those three books in this blog are now useless, and the only place that the books can be obtained is from me.

They are asking me to receive most of the remaining copies – and pay for some of them! – with a very short deadline. With our current situation (just headed out to USA, back eventually to Portugal), and the books being in the UK, this represents something of a challenge, storage-wise. Maybe I need an agency there!

While I ponder what to do – not least removing all those links from the blog, amending the ‘sticky’ header at the top of the blog when you go to tonycavanagh.com, etc. etc., I must continue to promote book 4, whose publisher thankfully remains in existence (and is awaiting the next manuscript, if I ever get it finished [“Known By The Tracks We Leave” is the likely title] …

Let The Future Find Me is, in fact, the most accessible to a general audience, shortest, and cheapest! Christmas is coming, if you are short of ideas for presents! This is the story of an outcast lad (who happens to be gay but that is not the point of the story) who sets out in search of the rest of his life…

In the meantime, if you should want any of the other three books, please message me on gymacrobat@gmail.com and I’ll get something organised. Most likely I am going to offer a ‘fire sale’ with significant price reductions, to make shipping costs from UK more attractive.

In the meantime, I console myself (and you I hope) with some more images of couples with something to share!

Not sure that I fully understand that one. And now, getting undressed for the occasion…




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2 Responses to DISASTER!! I Need Cheering Up…

  1. platinumboy says:

    Would selling your books direct on Amazon while self-publishing work?

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