Busman’s Holiday

When Dave’s brother Pete met us at the airport the other day on our return trip to Tennessee, his first words were ‘Can you cover some shifts at the gymnastics center – everyone else is wanting time off to get ready for Christmas!’

Oh well. I guess that’s what we’re good at. And it is great to be back, if only for a few weeks. We do have some other issues to sort out, regarding our future status in regard to visas. Having lived here some years after arriving with parents on a family visa which allowed us to stay on and work (with some other visa category) and then acquire offspring, our recent prolonged absence in Europe plus Trump’s theoretical crackdown on immigration makes our future status far from clear. So we’ll be visiting a few offices in town in between shifts to try and sort things (we’re officially tourists this time!).

Meanwhile, since we starting on the gymnastics theme, let’s continue with another selection of gymnastics and handstand pictures. As coaches, this first activity is a little hard on the back muscles after an hour or so!

…where this is harder on the gymnast:

Now for some action:

…coach in action again! This leg position is very poor but otherwise this is a reasonable Diamidov turn…

(An example of Pavl Rycl’s excellent photography work during a competition warm-up)

Now, keeping the ‘upside down in the great outdoors theme…

Finally, if anyone in UK wants to be an agent selling books, let me know at gymacrobat@gmail.com. As I mentioned recently, the publisher of my first three books has gone into liquidation, but I have the chance to recover some unsold stock if I have a realistic chance of storing it (in UK) and, eventually, selling it. Commission negotiable!

Book 4 – the tale of a lonesome gay boy travelling in search of fate – is available as normal from this link.

And even more finally, there are loads more gymnastics and acrobatic pictures (and much more besides), in old posts and the two additional pages (1) (2). Enjoy!


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2 Responses to Busman’s Holiday

  1. platinumboy says:

    Probably every adult seeing this entry has seen the various incarnations of one particular photo. Two questions that probably will never be answered: Which one is the original? and Whose penis is it anyway? LOL

  2. Andreas says:

    The gymnasrt in the first picture with blue shorts and amazing abs, anyone know who he is or if there are more photos of him?

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