Tumblr Gets It Wrong

Since about eight weeks I have been auto-copying these WordPress posts to Tumblr as well as my Facebook page. The previous post got tagged for ‘adult content’, and the blog duly disappeared. Well, there was a guy whose trunks you couldn’t see – but you couldn’t see anything else either. So I protested, and WON. It’s back, and several folks have re-blogged it already. So, if you fall foul of the bots, don’t give in to them! Of course, I have sneaked an occasional nudie in, so we’ll have to see what the future holds. Meanwhile, if you see this only on tumblr, go to tonycavanagh.com in future!! Just in case a slight flash of uncovered muscular flesh sets the bots off again…

There we go… a dozen new bodies for the Tumblr bots to get their teeth into. Let’s see.

Oh – I nearly forgot:

Maybe the lights will distract the bots – the opposite of moths around a candle flame…   (but he has his jock on, so let’s wait and see)…

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1 Response to Tumblr Gets It Wrong

  1. platinumboy says:

    I am not into censorship of any kind. The right we take away from others is the right we can have taken away from us. I hope all who feature nudes can find another place to display them, for the nakedness of the human body is beautiful. All who want them should have access to these photos.

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