First Epistle to the Ephebians

There’s one blog on Tumblr which definitely should survive the current cull, and it’s where that first picture came from. Run by a Russian guy with extremely good taste, I would have to say that, after my own, it is my favourite blog. Clean fresh guys in non-porn situations, pretty much all in ‘natural’ environments just doing their own thing. Not all shirtless either, but every post hits the spot. It’s called ‘ephebians-17’ and I will add it to my links too. Until recently it was ‘-16’, then that suddenly disappeared (before the Tumblr purge)… I tried ‘-17’ and there it was back again so, if it disappears again, try ‘-18’!

A couple more in his style…

So, it is Dec 26, and the entire extended family – kids and parents, ours too – is assembled in Tennessee for the celebrations. Annual wild swim for the kids today… but Dave and I and our friends have decided we are now too old to ‘fit in’! It won’t stop us swimming later with our kids and their close fitness-freak friends, of course, but the High-schoolers no longer know who we are, and it’s really their event. Meanwhile, we’ll continue with some wet boys of our own…

…this first one could well have been an Ephebian choice for its originality, but it is actually from our Belgian friend ‘Patje’ and his Bambiboy site:

“Come on in – the water’s lovely…”

This next one is a particularly fine specimen, we feel…

I wonder if this next one will get past the Tumblr bots?

Those ‘about-to-be-wet’ now:

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1 Response to First Epistle to the Ephebians

  1. Platinumboy says:

    As a substitute teacher, I see many things in many districts representing different ethnic groups and economic groups. Recently, a high school boy walked in to another teacher’s class with his pants around his ankles. I told the teacher that the day may be fast arriving when a student arriving ill clad would be something difficult to punish in any way because of what kids regularly see on the internet. We both agreed that it may be soon that the age of consent in the U. S. may be lowered (It was once 10 years old!) and we teachers will have an even ore difficult time convincing kids to stay dressed and focused. However, I also believe that censoring can go both ways according to whoever is in power. I say show the nudes.

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