Liabilities… £463,000… (+35 nice pics here)

…assets £14,340 and a hell of a lot of unsold books. That’s my first publisher for you – not forgetting the £30,000-odd to pay the liquidators. No wonder it was hard to get royalty cheques.

I won’t translate that into dollars or Euros, but the difference is huge and won’t be made up by the unsold books either, since the authors typically have rights to about 85% of them – although where I am expected to store several hundred books in the UK when I don’t live there is a conundrum I’ll leave for now. I always thought they were useless at marketing! Anyone fancying copies of Loving the Boy, The Power of Love or Against all Odds can henceforth obtain them by e-mailing me on

I am please to say that my second publisher, of Let The Future Find Me, seems (for now) to be in better shape. CLICK HERE if you would like to support this blog that way.

Fortunately, the books are only ‘one shot in my locker’, as they say. But still… GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Let’s enjoy some more fit boys instead: today, we’ll take the SIDEWAYS VIEW – it sure reveals the abs to perfection:


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