Wrestle Sunday

Armpit to the fore!

A few of you seem to enjoy the wrestlers, even those who are a little older than most of the boys we put here. There are a lot in today’s post, including some sequential shots of individual matches. Enjoy (gay or straight!)!

Snow doesn’t stop everyone…

First sequence:

A couple of ‘oldies’…

Some interesting holds:

More really sweaty guys…

Maybe less sweaty outdoors:

Sequence 2:

Western sumo!

Feet are always a good target…

…especially if trapped…

Pins invariably have their moments…

Some pins have an ulterior motive…

Sequence 3:

Time for a hug…

…and with the legs…

Squeeze harder!…

And finally, the one that the new Tumblr bots won’t like (let’s see – a hazard of copying this blog across to Tumblr!). I have lots more naked wrestlers but maybe they’ll have to go – in the end – on one of the other WordPress pages.

Nothing showing there, Tumblr…

And that’s possibly the largest post ever. 48 pictures. If you like, reward me by buying a book, either direct from gymacrobat@gmail.com in the first instance, or via the publisher for Let The Future Find Me…

And there’s plenty more wrestling on the other two ‘Fitness etc’ pages (Page 1)(Page 2).

Last not least, remember that I am continuing to delete old images which seem ‘less interesting’ so do go harvest anything you want before it vanishes to make more room for new things.


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