Gymnasts and Related Species

Gymnastics (along with Acrobatics) and Wrestling are THE best sports. You had a huge wrestle post a couple of days ago, so here are the gymnasts! Ready, steady…


Here’s a series of a Canadian gymnast. One pic is familiar, but I present it again to offer the complete series (and, before you ask, ‘no I don’t’ – neither the lad nor the location – maybe any Canadian reader might know?):

Some ring work:

Some mates:

(Tumble went wrong? Or maybe stretching…?)

Now let’s go outdoors, handguards at the ready…

(That’s a HORRIBLE shape for a high-bar performance, but ‘hey, he’s having fun!’)

And now a few from Telitsyn’s gym in Chelyabinsk… starting with practice for the Iron Cross:


Here’s a few of Mishka Pavlov:

…and friends…


Finally, meet Telitsyn and the team (in the boxing gym!):

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