Group Therapy (1)

That’s a bizarre combination and not fully ‘acrobatic’, but who knows – they’re definitely having fun! Doin stuff in groups is always enjoyable, sharing the failures as well as the successes.

Dave and I have been having some group therapy back in Tennessee over the festive period and have made some significant decisions along with friends and family. I am going to blog separately about those in the next few days because several followers are asking for more information about what we up to. But for now, I’ll stick with the pictures!

20 Russian army boys enjoying the fresh air on their training ground:

A few more of them ought to get their shirts off, as indeed should two of the next Russian group, enjoying a vacation resort by the look of it:

Even some of these wrestle teams seem to be clinging to their shirts today…

…although here, we have a chain gang!

Wrestlers break time:

…and ready for anything…

The camaraderie of the weights room:

Beach boys now:

This looks like a ‘fake’ beach…

…these ones seems to be ‘for real’:

This lot I’m sure are all running for the pool (they’re already wet)…

…followed by some swimmers running riot…

Just dipping their toes in:

Athletes on display:


Locker-room debate:

…and showers, of course:

…followed by the sauna – always a good place for ‘getting it together’!

…and after the sauna comes the snow, for sure!

More Russians there who, in common with Ukraines and Bulgarians, love their street workout facilities…

And what have we here?

Just chillin’ with a beer:

Very shortly – since Tumblr still seems out to get us – I’ll be posting some more ‘suggestive’ / gay / twosomes at the top of the Gay Expression page ( where Tumblr can’t find them – so check that out in a day or so!

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