Group Therapy (2)

…and now the update, as previously advertised!

Firstly, as the onslaught from Tumblr adult-material-seeking bots continues, and perfectly good Speedo pictures are being tagged as ‘adult’, I have decided to post a new selection (24) of loving twosomes on the Gay Expression Page along with some additional gay-friendly images featuring some nudity (not porn). First addition there for several months after I decided to revert to putting the pictures directly in the blog posts. Go explore – Tumblr gets copies of blog posts but not those additional three pages! I had considered the pages to be over-full, but just this once…

Then, a news update. I took a decision a year ago not to continue with our dreary day-to-life story, and keep things a bit more private. But over the festive period, Dave and I have been back in the USA with the entire family and, over several days of intensive ‘group therapy’, have taken some fairly momentous decisions. Talking stuff through really helps! And, as so many have asked, especially by e-mail: HERE IS THE NEWS:

Dave and I have decided that we shall not seek to return to USA as permanent residents, even though our kids and their mums are presently there and the mums would never leave. You might think this has something to do with Trump but, when we consider Brexit… no, read on;

We feel that our future is in Europe – we are currently working in Portugal and will continue that until the end of the 2019 summer tourist season, when we have the option to review our contract again. Living on top of the job, all found, has many benefits but after more than two years of effectively living in a “hotel” and being effectively ‘on call 24/7, it is becoming tiresome – despite the fantastic summer weather and the generally shirtless working environment;

Long-term, we will probably return to UK (we are Brits and do not have American or Portuguese citizenship) – our parents are aging and may need support. We have no idea what to do there nor where we would choose to live;

The place in Wales is becoming a bit or a burden to maintain and manage, as we are almost never there and my parents are losing the will to look after it for us. Mid Wales is an unlikely centre for any work we might find ourselves able to do in the future;

Leo’s girlfriend Karla is no more, and has left the district. His best friend Chris, however, is as close to Dave’s daughter Jaymee as it is possible to be, and they make a great couple;

Leo is considering a future less fixated on entertainment than his parents (and less fixated on girls for the time being), will stay in High School for the duration, and is considering university in UK (he has dual citizenship so we would not have to pay the outrageous fees charged to foreigners): he is thinking sports science or something like that and would like a university with a good gym (e.g Loughborough) or strong sporting links with a gym within travel distance (e.g. Bath, Leeds, Bristol…). Good for him – he seems to have his head screwed on;

Long-term readers may remember the term Tuan Jie. This was an arrangement between Dave and I on the one hand and (currently) four other dedicated gay couples – all involved in some way or other in gymnastics/acrobatics/wrestling – that we would keep ourselves ‘evermore’ “pure” – i.e. no sex outside of the ten of us. This is becoming increasingly ridiculous: we are in Europe 95% of the time, Ethan and Jack live permanently in Canada, Zach and Gary are headed to California where Zach hails from next month, Gary having a new banking job lined up, Dane and Leon remain in Lexington KY but are thinking of moving 500 miles away as Dane gets a new role in construction – and the great private gym in TN where we all used tot get it together is all but fallen apart and the equipment is being moved to smaller commercial units around the state as the dedicated membership fell to an unsustainable level. So, while none of us has particular urges to change our mating ways, we have agreed that the unbreakable bond will no longer apply and, should we meet up, we will continue to be honest about whether we are (shall we say) potentially ‘tainted’.

Finally, the younger set continue to put our old training cabin to good use every day, all lifting, stretching, flexing and wrestling for all they are worth. That’s one tradition which Leo, Chris and his friends are determined to continue!

So that’s “the story so far”. If you’re (un)lucky there may be another update in Jan 2020! In the meantime, please continue to purchase and read my books, noting that the publisher of the first three has gone bust so even if they are bought from a bookstore, any royalties which should have come to me will be split between about 1000 creditors. Better to contact me directly on for copies of Loving The Boys, The Power of Love and Against All Odds. I am happy to say that the publisher of my fourth book is in good shape, so you can click on the cover below with confidence for more information!

Happy New Year!

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