Melrose is an Ex-Publisher…

…I’ve noticed that folks are still clicking on links to the Melrose Books site to explore my three earlier books. Please be aware that Melrose is no longer trading, and any interest in Loving The Boy, The Power of Love and Against All Odds should be directed to me at Any sales from bookstores now will also result in any royalties due to me going to the publisher’s creditors instead.

I am working to disable those links but I certainly won’t find all the ones given as text rather than clicks on book covers. I hope to remove this irritation as soon as possible, but please be guided by the message above for the time being in regard to those three books, which can be mailed anywhere in the world from the UK where the stocks are.

These covers are ‘clean’! No expired links. apologies for anyone who has wasted time on inactive links in earlier posts, but I simply did not see this coming. I am pleased to confirm that my fourth book (below) is “alive and well” and obtainable direct from the publisher Vanguard Press (click on its cover) or via bookstores or, indeed, via the e-mail address above…

And now, to make this post ‘legal’… an image of fitness!

Guys doing what we love to do, and suitably dressed for the occasion!

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Born Northampton UK
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