Human Sculpture

There’s the record for the largest number of dudes appearing (with a few ladies) in one internet picture! Moscow Olympics opening ceremony, by the way. This, just seen again on the Younglifter website, inspires this post of well-sculpted bodies – all subsequent pictures having rather fewer participants than that one. At least they didn’t all have to balance on that occasion!

Let’s see how the hard work in the gym pays off… perhaps too any professional models in this set – but then, hard gym work is how they get to be models!

Interlude: another form of human sculpture…

…now, back to the posers!


Another interlude – another form of human sculpture… not sure you could all do this, like Alex Goloborodov…

…no, me neither! Posers again:

(Which do you prefer – dog or man?)

A contribution from the ballet boiz…

And finally for today – we just love this image: man and machine in perfect harmony…






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1 Response to Human Sculpture

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I couldn’t even do Alex when I was a kid!

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