Welcome to ‘Wrestlefest’!

High time for another gallery on one of our favourite sports! Again including some mini-series, like this next four…


Trip to Bulgaria, anyone?

…or Greece, maybe?

Turkey is more oily…

Before we finish, “THE APPEAL”:

Thanks to the demise of the publisher of my first three books, I am now earning NOTHING from any sales via bookshops or Amazon and the like. If you enjoy this blog please support us by ordering books direct at 33% discount on the set, plus postage at cost to anywhere in the world (from UK where the book mountain has been built). Please contact me direct at gymacrobat@gmail.com for any or all of the following:

…or, indeed for the fourth book of which I have limited supplies available – however, that one is still available from its different publisher (access via a click on the cover):

Signed copies available via my e-mail of all four – no extra charge (after all, who would want my signature?).

Finally, a ‘bumper bundle’ of images from ‘Rock Hard Wrestling’: several matches including at least two ‘tag’ bouts…




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3 Responses to Welcome to ‘Wrestlefest’!

  1. If you grab into the pant while oilwrestling, then you are out.

  2. Platinumboy says:

    Wrestling naked and barefoot is the only way! Thanks for the bundle!

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