Flex (ible)

So today we’re not flexing muscles – but the whole body! Lots of good side splits – and a few more things you may (not) want to try at home!

Acrobats (and ballet boys) need strength with flexibility, which means not excessive muscle. The secret to develop this way is ‘extension training’ – for example, when doing a push-up, you make the ‘lower back down’ phase last a long time, so the muscle is working while contracting. And meanwhile sitting in splits whenever you watch TV instead of slouching on the couch!

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2 Responses to Flex (ible)

  1. Platnumboy says:

    I wish sportfolio would name the boy in the first photo. It just would be nice to put a name to a face. Phot 10 looks more like one of those cartoons as opposed to a real person.

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